Stripping System for Alloy Wheels

We manufacture Stainless Steel tanks that are fully welded.  The main tank has an oil jacket formed into it with heated electric elements for both the body and the lid which is spring balanced.  The heat that is generated through the specially formulated oil goes into the chemicals and is controlled by a thermostat built into our control panel.  The stainless steel work basket which is supplied with the tank has a quick release collection tray which, with every alloy wheel batch, withdraws from the tank.  To empty the tray there is an easy to use release mechanism which ensures as little stripped paint is removed as possible.  This has the added advantage of adding to operating efficiency by keeping the chemicals as clean as possible.

A cross beam four post gantry has a fully manoeuvrable electric hoist operated by a hand held control – this is all included.

An Axial fan unit with a 500mm diameter, vents to the exterior from an extraction hood which runs the full width and length of the tank and sits above the gantry.  To ensure the least possible intrusion of vapour and moisture into surrounding areas we use full length plastic curtains around this unit.

Once the wheels have left the stripping tank they are rinsed in a stainless steel wash bay which then drains into a weir action holding tank.  This assists in waste cleansing before being dispersed into your drainage system.  At this point in the process you can check for possible water contamination before running into the waste.

To ensure the collection of any possible spillages, the operator section has a safety grid floor above a purpose built ‘bund tray’ connected to the main tank.

We have listened carefully to input from a major chemical manufacturer when designing our system.  Also one of the country’s leading alloy wheel refurbishing companies has achieved excellent results during many months of field trials.

As described above the system can be purchased as a whole or in component parts as follows:

  • Wheel Stripping tank – Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Wash bay (for Alloy wheel stripping rinsing)
  • Overhead four post Gantry with Hoist
  • Overhead Axial Fume Extraction unit
  • “Bund” Safety Grid Floor and operator sections