Curing Ovens

We pride ourselves on building good quality, safe and efficient hot air recirculating ovens. We build a selection of curing ovens from batch system box ovens, multi pass online ovens, online tunnel ovens to drying ovens. We offer a full range of sizes to meet customer requirements.




All our ovens are built to give long lasting use for our customers and are equipped with quality fan units, burners and control equipment to ensure minimal operational problems.


All ovens are constructed in modular panel design for ease of transport and build or for future modifications to size or relocation. Smaller batch box ovens can be made in one piece dependant on size which reduces build time on site.


Oven panels are built with either galvanised or stainless steel sheets which are packed with high density RW5 rockwool insulation, this is to minimise heat transfer from inner panel to outer panel and makes the oven very efficient. We connect outer and inner sheets with minimal connectors to prevent conductive heat loss. Panel thickness is subject to specification but is available from 100mm to 150mm RW5 rockwool.


Oven roofs are constructed with roof sections which are explosion relief and also insulated with high density RW5 rockwool insulation.


Our burner box heat chambers are built with a 3mm mild steel inner case which is fully welded, we then fully insulate with RW5 rockwool and clad with galvanised steel.  We use a high temperature centrifugal plug fan that delivers hot air into the oven. Inside the oven is a delivery duct system that distributes hot air around the oven and is recirculated. We use very good quality lanemark burners in either hi-low or full gas and air modulation option. We do offer alternative burners if so required.


Oven Controls