Refurbishing Systems for Alloy Wheels

With our refurbishing systems for Alloy Wheels we can cater for small operators handling 12-16 wheels per day to larger operations handling 100 – 300 wheels per day.

Whether you require a small box system and a water wash booth or an on-line curing oven we can handle it.

We offer  a two meter cubed Box oven and two meter wide Water Wash Booth incorporated into a “Clean Room” enclosure for the smaller Alloy Wheel operator.  This set up reduces the risk of dust and debris from contaminating the Alloy Wheels throughout the refinishing process.

For the larger operator handling up to 300 wheels per day, our on Line Alloy Wheel refinishing has a floor mounted Conveyor with vertical pedestals set at intervals throughout the conveyor length. These pedestals enable the wheels to be placed horizontally and are then cleverly turned round as the sprayer applies the coatings.  Passing through the booth they then continue through the curing oven, ready for the next stage of the process.

Additional ovens and additional booths can be added to the system to enable minimal manual handling of the work flow.  Conveyor speeds and Curing Oven Temperatures can be changed as required.  Clearly, in order to justify such a system a large numbers of alloy wheels would need to be processed daily.  Consideration would need to be given to the numbers being processed through the system.  We can help in this regard.